NYE 2015

New Year's Eve, or the holiday with the highest expectations and most exuberant letdowns, is upon us once again. For the first time, maybe ever, I'm excited about our plans for the night. I peer pressured some of our besties, Nick and Sarah, to host a party at their house, which is conveniently located down [...]

Me So Hungry

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gains, like, 10 pounds every single holiday season. (there is so much good food and beer just laying around at any minute, and who cares I'm on vacation!) It's okay though because I almost always make a New Years Resolution that revolves around losing my Christmas food [...]

Christmas & Chill

I'll be honest with you, it was "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" at about midnight on November 1st. I know that's crazy early, but in my defense, I had nothing to do with the Christmas tree finding it's merry little way into our living room because I was in a completely different part [...]

It’s A Sarah Thing

When Beyoncé asked us all the rhetorical question of "who runs the world?" I think the answer she wanted was a little more specific than just "girls". I'm pretty sure what Bey was trying to say was "girls.... named Sarah". WE RUN THIS MOTHER. I really can't speak for any of the Allisons, Margarets, or Suzies [...]