What Kind of Nerd Are YOU?

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In recent years, Nerd Culture has exploded. It’s socially acceptable, maybe even cool, to be a geek, which is ironic as hell. I’ve always been a closeted nerd. I wrote Star Wars fan fiction and named my stuffed animals after Leo Tolstoy characters, but I was plagued with a hot bod and beautiful face, so I always felt like I had to keep my nerdiness on the DL. I could never discuss how I really felt about Scout and Atticus’ relationship or other dorky shit without confusing people (pretty people know things?).

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Now I’m embracing my immense knowledge of Lord of The Rings and Game of Thrones and going tête-à-tête with the other nerds of the world, all the while maintaining these super model good looks. You’re probably thinking either “wow, I don’t know she does it? balancing beauty and brains so perfectly” or “why won’t this girl stop talking?” but just hear me out…

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The characteristics that make up what is the Modern Nerd (or MN) vary so much that the possible Nerd Equations (or NEs) are basically infinite. Here are some examples:

  1. did you read the book Little Women every holiday season while sipping hot chocolate and wishing Beth would just die already? YOU’RE A NERD.
  2. do you prefer the original Star Wars movies (episodes IV, V, and VI) to the CGI monstrosities of the early 2000s? YOU’RE A NERD
  3. have you said the words “Star Wars” out loud in the last 12 hours? YOU’RE A NERD
  4. have you thought about Star Wars in the last 10 minutes? YOU’RE A NERD
  5. do you know what Battlestar Galactica is? YOU’RE A FRACKING NERD
  6. are you #TeamTesla or #TeamEdison? either way, YOU’RE A NERD.
  7. is Elon Musk your personal hero? then you’re name is Joel Blumer and YOU’RE A FUCKING NERD.

Whatever the complexities of your nerd make up may be, seize it! Own that shit and talk nerdy to me…




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