Welcome To Me

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Hi there, glad you could make it to my new (and obviously improved) blog. I have parted ways with my old blog because it did not have the “look” that I so desperately wanted for my official online presence. I was also either too dumb or too lazy to figure out how to make a blog look as perfect on the Internet as it did in my head. You could say that the Internet and I have buried the hatchet (or squashed the beef or wiped the slate clean)… it’s basically like I never even had an online diary for upwards of 3 years and, honestly, it’s for the best.  Now we can pretend like we just met.

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As a combination birthday + Christmas gift to me, my brilliant and handsome future baby daddy/fiance, Joel, rewrote all of the “code” for this blog. I watched him do some of it and completely zoned out so you just know it was a lot of hard, boring work. He is the brains behind most of my creative operations. He is also my personal photographer. He is also also my editor to make sure I don’t sound like a complete dumb dumb or spell anything wrong. It was Joel who revived the beloved That’s What SHE Said and turned it into what it was always meant to be: hilarious AND aesthetically pleasing, a win/win in the blogging community of bloggers. Lucky you!

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Welcome to That’s What SHE Said 2.0, people of the Internet. Welcome to ME!

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