Leather + Lace

I won’t lie to you, the title of this post sounds like it could be the name of an adult video store, but I was actually thinking of the Stevie Nicks song when I named it:

“Give to me your leather; Take from me my lace” (I wonder what the song is about. Wink wink, nudge nudge….)





There’s something so endearing about the combination of these two textiles. Leather and lace make me think of both a good gal gone bad and a rebellious girl with a heart of gold. The juxtaposition of something sweet (lace) and something savory (ha,  because leather, get it?) almost always amounts to a big fat fashion w-i-n. Hey, if you didn’t notice, I KNOW BIG WORDS!






For the most part, I spend my weekdays wearing yoga pants and minimal makeup, which is why I always feel the need to over primp and over dress on weekends. Joel and I get a lot out of our photo shoots together: I get a self esteem boost, and he gets to practice his portrait photography on the prettiest (only) girl in the whole damn forest.

Lace Maxi/ Annie Gogglyn (sold out), Faux Leather Jacket/ Similar, Shoes/Kate Spade

The Perfect Score

Ever notice how the music in a movie can make or break the whole thing? I guess that’s the whole reason why there is an Oscar category for Best Score. The score is important! I, personally, like to listen to music in my car or when I’m going to bed and imagine different scenarios for the song I’m jammin’. With a year long engagement, I had plenty of time to pick the perfect songs for the special moments of our wedding.

Looking back at our year of wedding planning, the part that I remember best and most fondly is putting together a playlist. I would get home from Ohio on Friday evenings, we’d pour beers and get a pizza, and listen to songs. The more beers we drank, the more we danced around the living room. We’ve been to so many weddings where the music doesn’t flow right, so the dance floor is mostly empty. We wanted to micro manage our DJ by picking all of the songs he would play, not just the special ones.




ceremony start/entrance song: Don’t Worry Baby by The Beach Boys (Funny thing is I had originally wanted God Only Knows but changed my mind when it was the intro song to Big Love- HBO’s show about polygamy).

ceremony exit song: You Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC (Played right when we were pronounced man and wifey.

cocktail hour/dinnertime had an eclectic mix of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Mutemath, Iggy Azalea, Ingrid Michaelson and more.

our first dance song: Leaving On A Jet Plane by Peter, Paul and Mary  (A good choice considering we had spent half of our time together in a long distance relationship! I was driving home from Target when it came on in my car and I cried so hard listening to it and knew it was perfect!)

dance with dad: Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver (One of our favorite songs ever! It was between this or something by the Doobie Brothers.)

cake cutting: Somebody To Love by Queen (Something to love: cake)

bouquet toss: Single Ladies by Beyonce  Bad Girls by MIA (Because I wanted to be original. Also, I threw my bouquet at my best friend and she almost threw it right back to me.)

The rest of the dance music had  a mix of songs by Taylor Swift, Drake, Bruno Mars, Chicago, and other bands who make you wanna shake ya tail feather (Nelly?). Though we asked for no line dancing, The Wobble was played and I now have a funny video of a bunch of people doing a line dance they don’t know.

The last two songs that were played were Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Come Sail Away by Styx. At the end of the last song, Joel and I stood in the middle of the dance floor where he lifted me up and slowly twirled me around like a ballerina. It may sound cheesy, but I had the best view of all the smiling faces of our friends and family and I was so happy and so grateful for everyone who made our night so perfect.


DJ Kevin of Black Well Soundz


I can’t wait to put on our wedding clothes, drink beer and eat pizza, while we listen to our wedding playlist again. Sounds like the perfect Friday night. Score!



July 2015-October 2016, a year and 3 months- the longest I’ve ever been catless. I was born into cat ownership and have literally. always. had. cats. My family has always had pets. My home growing up was not only filled with, like, a million children running around, but there were always animals too (we had a pet pigeon once). At one point in time, the cat to kid ration was 1:1, which says a lot because there were 6 of us.

My sister and I recently attempted to compile a list of names of all of the cats we had growing up, and got somewhere in the high twenties (that list is cats only, Pierre Pigsby the pig, Samson the Great Dane, and Mr. Weasel the ferret are on another list entirely). Impressive, no? From Freckles, whom my parents had had since before us kids were born who met her fate by the jaws of some very bad runaway dogs when I was 4; to Brosnan, Martin, and Nunny who were named after Priests from our church and the word “nun”, respectively; to Little Kitty who once ran through rat poison and costs thousands of dollars worth of Kitty Kidney Dialysis to save (he is now almost 20 and miraculously still alive)- we had a lot of cats and we loved them all so much (all except Poncho- he was a dick).


The fact that I haven’t had kitties of my own for a little while led me to owning cats on things. Cat sweater? I’ve got 2! Cat shirts and dresses? Yup. Cat tea towels? In the kitchen, dummy! Cat vases? Throughout our house, sir! Joel’s favorite shirt is one with a cat reading a book printed on it. What can we say? We really like cats.



After commuting to and from Ohio every week, planning and having a wedding, going on a honeymoon, and having a bunch of house guests in between, our lives together as a married couple have finally had a chance to calm down. A couple weeks ago, we pounced on the opportunity and adopted two kittens from the local Animal Rescue League.

Enter Peter Nincompoop and Sweet Dee (she’s not giving you the stink eye, that’s just how her face is):


We couldn’t be more in love with our kittens! I love hearing the pitter patter of little paws as I sip my coffee in the morning! These little guys warmed up to us immediately and love to snuggle with Joel and I as we watch The Wire. They have such goofy personalities: she likes to bite us and he likes to attack our toes. Bringing home these babies was a pawsitively good idea.

Cat Sweater/ShopAtBananas, Leggings/old AF, Boots/Kate Spade, Necklace & Glasses/No14

It’s Fall, Y’all.



Fall has always been my favorite season and October has always been my favorite month of the year. The air is crisp, the leaves are starting to change, and people are starting to use their fireplaces so the air outside has that subtle smoky smell- I LOVE IT.




As much as I love this season, there are some Fall things I can do without. Yes, I’ll carve or paint a pumpkin, visit an apple orchard, and attempt a corn maze this year; but I will not be wearing solely dumb dull “Fall colors” on my body. Here’s the thing: just because it’s no longer Spring/Summer doesn’t mean you have to give up on wearing bright colors. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to trade in your Kelly Greens for Olive, Neon Yellows for Mustards, or Pinks for Maroons. Just because the leaves are wearing orange doesn’t mean you have to! Ew, burnt orange? I may be from Texas, but I’d never




How good are these pink Lucite heeled booties? My sweet husband says that they are just a little bit “hooker-y”, but I don’t see it. I call this wrap my “Drake Sweater” because when I wear it I always think “I’ve got my eye on you, you’re everything that I need…”

As you can probably tell, I’m already enjoying my Fall wardrobe. I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOURS, DUMMIES.


Wrap/SheIn, White Tee/Annie Gogglyn, Jeans/AE, Pink Booties/ASOS, Sunglasses/F21

Woman Of The Hour Vol 1

I was recently interviewed for a local “blogger of the week” thing, and there is one question in particular that’s been sticking with me: “Where do you see your blog in 5 years?” Now, I don’t know where we’ll be living or how much weight I will have gained/lost or if I’ll still even have an obsession with egg rolls by then, but I do have a clear idea of where the ole blog-a-roo is headed.

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a narcissist. Well, I’m not as narcissistic as I come off on the Internet. I would love it if I could take my blog from That’s What Sarah Said: all about ME, ME, ME to That’s What SHE Said: A Blog By Women For Women, or something like that. I know so many interesting women and have heard amazing hilarious, heartwarming, and sometimes tragic stories from all of them and this could potentially be a place for them to share. But, baby steps…

I dipped my toes in the water last winter when I interviewed my now sister-in-law, Laura. LG is a brilliant, funny, beautiful, and  talented individual and I enjoyed asking her goofy questions and getting to do a photo shoot with her! And now, with the same gusto, I bring you my first installment of Woman of the Hour; an interview/conversation with the most outgoing lady I have ever met, my cousin/bff, Christina.

I’ve known Christinka my whole life. I’ve seen her grow from the sweet, nerdy girl in elementary school to the never-shy, always happy, still-just-as-sweet, gorgeous, purple-haired adult. Christina is a very talented hair dresser, wife, and mother of two. She is typically the wildest person in the room if there’s music on. She will do the jump splits. You have been warned!


 Describe your style in 1-5 words. Classic/trendy/bold/colorful

Who is your #1 style icon? Does it have to be someone who is alive? I always love looking to Marilyn. More current- Kate Moss



What is your best feature? (smile? hair? boobs? idk) my hair and my legs (not the hair on my legs). I may be short but I was blessed with some nice strutters

What song would you want to play when you walk into a room that would make you feel like a badass? Me too- Meghan Trainor

What beauty product can you not live without? Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced and my beauty blender!




Are you currently binge watching anything, Netflix or otherwise? Just started Orphan Black! Thanks to Amy Pummel for getting me hooked

What is your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever had? I’ll let you pick- my little Indian with my macaroni necklace, our village people costumes WITH the mustaches, my diy Christmas present costume, or sunny-side-up (no picture) ((all white jumpsuit with the butt cut out wearing yellow shorts under so when I bent over, I looked sunny-side-up))


If you and Brandon (your husband) could go anywhere in the world with or without your kiddos, where would you want to go? New Zealand during their summer. We both love to relax during vacations so we would for sure hit up the beaches, check out the glow worm caves and I would have to have a meet and greet with a koala though

What’s your favorite part about being a mom? Post-bedtime? Just kidding. I love seeing how much they learn and how they express themselves in their own ways. They have huge hearts and it’s rewarding seeing that play out.

What is your most embarrassing moment? Hard to say because I am KNOWN  for busting my ass everywhere I go and peeing my pants. I don’t think I have ever played a game of hide-and-go-seek without peeing myself a little bit. And I don’t think I’ve ever been dancing without falling or hurting myself in some way. Peeing has always been an issue, even before having children.


What is your drink of choice? Vodka water. Or a whole bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to myself.

 Give me an example of your biggest fashion win and your biggest fashion mistake. 

Win- my most IG likes was on my pink tulle skirt with my ballet flats. I just want to dance when I wear it! Also- the new flowy  floral dress/tunic from bless your heart. I had an older man tell me I made him feel young again because it reminded him of the 70s with the belled sleeves

Mistake– trying to completely match a whole outfit. It’s too much! Worst was the cow print platforms, vest, and cowboy hat. Hey! 1990 Madonna called, she wants her cow print hat back.

What are your favorite and least favorite current fashion trends?

Favorite- chokers. Haha “my necklace that attracts boys” no I’m not sure why but I’ve always loved chokers even when they were not in style. I love that high waist jeans are in. Never thought I would but after becoming a mom, they have saved my life!

Least favorite- Gaucho pants, turtlenecks- mainly because they make me look like a turtle and itch. I love that they look great on everyone else crocs, socks with sandals/opened heels, baggy pants on guys


Best advice you could give someone. Don’t worry about a thing. Every little thing is gonna be alright!

There you have it. A little insight to a very complicated girl. Be sure to follow Christina on Instagram for great pops of color and cute AF kid pics!

How To Be Cool(er than you actually are)


I hate to shatter your view of me, but I have to admit one thing… I’m not cool. People who don’t know me assume that I’m way cooler than I actually am, only my closest friends know the truth: that I’m the first to fall asleep at a sleepover. My coolness is a facade, a farce, it’s fake. Most of my family is still under the impression that I am “the cool one”, but they’re wrong! My older brother is the cool one, he’s been living in Pittsburgh for 2.5 months and has already met the mayor and has his hair cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers’ famous barber; whereas I get sick from eating too much and have to leave sporting events early.



I’m so uncool, that most of my fashion advice comes from the Bitmoji version of myself. Like, get a life, girl.


I almost always fall asleep when we have people over on Friday nights. I fall asleep with a room full of people, then I wake up and they’re gone.



I never go out on “school nights”. I don’t even go to school.


I’ve never spent The Weekend or even a  Vampire Weekend at a Neutral Milk Hotel. I don’t know one pilot, let alone Twenty-One of them…


I’ve never bought anything to wear from Goodwill because “that’s too many racks to look through”.


I’ve never even seen Citizen Kane and I’ve only been to Europe twice.


I’m not even sure how I got a reputation for being so cool. Is it my “technically good physique” and the way I dress? Or how I always pose in front of colorful walls? Is it that I surround myself with cool people who make me seem less lame? Knowing how to braid my hair in cool ways probably helps my case and the fact that I almost always wear sunglasses to hide my needy puppy eyes. Is it my visible tiny tattoos? This heart and this infinity symbol on my left hand don’t actually mean anything, I just haggled the tattoo artist into doing a 2 for 1 special.

If you’re uncool like me and want to learn ways to make yourself seem cooler, do what I do… fake it til you make it? IDK, I’ll never be the cool girl and I’m okay with that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Sweater Dress/ BB Dakota, Buffalo Plaid Flannel & Pink Purse/Target, Chanel Necklace/Vintage Flea Market Find, Shoes/Riff Raff

A Few Of Our Favorite Things


One of the things Joel and I talked about when we were planning the fun little details of our wedding, was our intention to make our day totally unique to us. We added a ton of personalized touches everywhere. In a later post, I will share more of the DIY side of our wedding, but for now, here’s how we incorporated a few of our favorite things…. From the obvious to the hidden, these silly concepts really gave our wedding that Joel and Sarah punch we were aiming for.

MEAN GIRLS– I knew we were going to have a sweetheart table, so I thought it’d be funny to have a custom garland sign made to let everyone else know that they can’t sit with us. Also loving how the aqua blue letters pop against the gold sequin table cloth (both purchased on Etsy).



IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA- If you didn’t already know that we were adding tidbits from Sunny, you probably missed them. First of all, we had our rings engraved with an Always Sunny quote that totally pertains to marriage. Secondly-we didn’t plan this- when my Matron of Honor gave her speech, she nervously dry heaved just like Sweet Dee!




GAME OF THRONES- This is probably my favorite personalized thing we did for our wedding… Our friend Nick, a talented music teacher (and blogger!),  greeted our guests with the sweet sounds of acoustic versions of the Game Of Thrones theme song and The Rains Of Castamere (also from GOT). Nick also played some Bowie and Queen and he grew an epic year long beard just for us! Joel and I didn’t get to hear Nick’s playing at the wedding, but I got a preview of it at our book club the week beforehand. Thanks again, Nick!


HARRY POTTER- I’ve been an HP fan for a longggg time, but we didn’t really have a big Harry Potter thing planned… We did, however, refer to the bridal room- where I hid from Joel before the ceremony and all of my girls kept their belongings- as The Chamber Of Secrets. Whatever, I’m counting it.


LEGO- Joel LOVES Legos! He had a Lego themed birthday party when he turned 27! When he showed me that you can order personalized Lego cake toppers on Etsy, I was alllll about that.


STAR WARS- The last and certainly the most obvious of our favorite things: Star Wars! It was everywhere! Joel handmade a giant marquee sign that says “May The Four(teen)th Be With You”. He worked so hard on it and we love how it turned out! We had Storm Trooper masks floating around on the dance floor (thanks, Christina!) and my oldest friend, Kat, wore a custom made Star Wars dress. Lastly, our 3 ft tall “pet” Storm Trooper, Jermaine, guarded the bar throughout the night.