Shark Tanked


You could call me an idea man. To which I would reply “I’m not a man, man”. But anyway, I’m full of ideas, or at least… I used to be…

When there is nothing better on tv, my husband likes to watch the show Shark Tank. Every time he puts it on, I feel two emotions: 1. grateful that I’m not in the same room as Mark Cuban and, 2. nostalgic for a time when I too had ideas for super cool, unique business ventures and/or iPhone apps. I used to have ideas in general. WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME?


Lately, it’s as though I have perpetual pregnancy brain, only I am not currently, and never have been, pregnant. I only ever use one adjective (amazing!) and can’t recall other words that I know I know to save my life. So what am I doing to combat my lack of vocabulary/inspiration/ideas/etc? The bare minimum, of course! I used to keep the Notes app open on my phone at night so that I could quickly write down the ideas I dreamt up, but that quickly became writing all of the weird shit Joel said in his sleep (big time sleep talker, that guy!). Now, I am just using this relic called a dictionary to reteach myself the vastness of the English language. Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction for the ol’ noggin.

Are there any other 27 year olds out there who feel like their brains are broken?! Nope? Just me? K BYE.

Shark Tank/TATY, Pink Jacket/SheIn

How to create/wear GLITTER ROOTS!

Because Coachella is always just around the corner…

There’s a new trend where people put actual glitter in their hair, it’s like totally a thing! Whether you’re at home with your cat, going to the grocery store, or hanging out with friends, this is the perfect look to make you shine.  To help me model, I had the alien princess Mikhala help me with some interstellar looks!

Here is what you need:

1 mixing bowl

1 color application brush

1 TBS clear hair gel

1 TBS fine or coarse glitter of your color choice (I used silver)

1 TBS of star confetti

8-10 star stickers

if needed- bobby pins, rubber bands, and hair spray


  1. Section out your hair. I did a zig-zag part with space buns but you can also do a half-up/half-down with cute buns.
  2. In Mixing bowl, combine hair gel and glitter.
  3. Apply glitter gel to roots or apply to about 1-2 inches of hair at the scalp down the part line.
  4. Sprinkle in star confetti.
  5. Place star stickers throughout part line.
  6. Go out and party!


Isn’t she the cutest? I just want to shrink her and carry her around in my pocket!


To remove:

  1. Jump in shower
  2. Shampoo at least 2-3 times, I did 3 times.
  3. Condition your hair and comb or brush out hair before you rinse.
  4. If there are still signs of glitter, DON’T REMOVE IT! All of your friends and coworkers will just think you’re a unicorn!

So what are you waiting for? Go out, glitter yourselves, and tag me when you do it! @xtinatheunicorn



Welcome To Me Too

Not a Meghan Trainor reference although I have heard we look alike…

Hey Y’ALL!  Yes, I said “y’all”. I’m Christina, Sarah’s cousin and bestie from San Antonio, TX (you may remember me from here)! I am proud and thrilled to let you know, I will be joining in on the “That’s What SHE Said” site as a co-author. Get ready to see a whole lot more of me. My name is Christina Ashton, formerly McIver- pronounced “Mac-Gyver”. Yes, LIKE THE TV SHOW.

I am a 27 Year old wife and mother. I met my husband almost 10 years ago and knew the moment we met, he would be MINE. I wouldn’t let anything stop me from marrying that fine piece. Fast forward 10 years and we have 2 beautiful children. Thomas, age 4. Charlotte, age 3. I’ve always viewed the world as a loud and vibrant place and I am always searching for boldness and beauty in everyday life. It wasn’t until about 3 months ago that I actually considered blogging. The more I thought about it, the more I knew I could do it. I want to show y’all what the world looks like through my eyes. My spirit animal is a Unicorn and I’m always spewing glitter and magic everywhere I go. Being unhappy won’t get you anywhere so do your best to feel the best! I’m ecstatic to start this new adventure. Be ready for the sparkles.

with all the joy and love,


Obligatory Valentine’s Day Blog Post

Because love, PINK STUFF, flowers, and chocolate… duh.




If a random or made-up holiday rolls along and a blogger doesn’t blog about it, did it even happen?! Sure it does, but there’s a lump sum of people who feel obligated to talk about it… it’s oBLOGatory (I made that word up while I was in the shower and, idk, I think it’s funny. Thinking about trade marking it?).

I am not, in any way, knocking Valentine’s Day. I, for one, love this holiday- it might be my favorite of the whole year because of my burning obsession with all things pink. Plus, a day that celebrates love? I love my hot, nerdy husband! Love, love, love him!



I mean, any excuse to go take photos with pink balloons by a cute wall, amIright?! To celebrate V-Day,  Joel made us a gourmet dinner of filet mignon (literal translation- cute filet), lobster, with sweet potatoes and asparagus. We had a candle lit dinner at home with Dean Martin playing in the background and it was perfect. It was perfect except for the fact that my lobster still had it’s face and I felt like it was watching me which was awkward. It was 100% dead, but it still had a twinkle in its eyes and I had to keep apologizing as I chowed down.




Side note- wind + balloons make for an interesting photo shoot.

Lace Top & Eye Earrings/ SheIn, Dress/No14Boutique, Shoes/Ebay

Valentine’s Day 2017 also marks our 9th month married! Now at least you know for sure that it was not a shotgun wedding…

Super Sunday


Today is that one day that comes around every year that some people are pretty into: Super Bowl Sunday. Ew, sports.

I discovered at a very early age that while most Americans are sitting in front of their televisions with chicken wings, chips, and an array of various dips; there are plenty of things I’d rather be doing and this is the perfect day to do them. Here are some things you could do instead of watching fools balls…

  1. go to Ikea- I know, I know, Ikea on a Sunday? It’s a total circus! NOT ON THIS SUNDAY!
  2. go to The Mall- again, like Ikea, the malls all over America are ghost towns today.
  3. grocery shopping is so convenient and easy right now.. you should totally go to the grocery store.
  4. take a two hour nap (that’s what I just did, but I do this on most Sundays).
  5. go to LA or NYC and drive around and enjoy the lack of traffic for one whole day!
  6. read a book or something.
  7. literally anything else.

Super Bowl Sunday is the one day that comes around every year when I feel like I could really get shit done, but in all honesty, I’ll probably just go back to that nap I mentioned earlier.

P Is For Pizza


Pizza and Friday go together like, well, pizza and freaking Friday. I double-dog-dare you to name a better combination! Pizza is universally good (so is Friday).

Anyway, we The Blumers have been working very hard and doing a lot of exhausting and extensive research in order to bring this post to the ole blog. We’ve rounded up our top 5 favorite pizza places in Pittsburgh (UM YOU’RE WELCOME!), but first let’s just talk about pizza, K? Our love for this stuff goes deep.



I didn’t realize until I moved up north that the pizza in Texas kind of…. I HATE TO SAY IT… sucks. Okay, maybe that’s being harsh (Big Lou’s, Ray’s, and Dough are all excellent pizza places in San Antonio), but the pizza I grew up eating can’t hold a candle to the pizza I eat now (that being said, I’m still very much #TexasForever and it’s a fact the north will NEVER, EVER be able to figure out Tex-Mex, in my totally biased un-humble opinion). If you’re reading from my home state with a slice in hand, please carry on. It’s called blissful ignorance.

We spent 4 days in Italy on our honeymoon and we literally ate pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus the occasional midnight snack. You know what they say, “when in Rome… eat pizza as the Romans do…”*

It’s been an unspoken tradition to have pizza in some way, shape, or form on Friday nights here at the Blumer Haus. It’s been especially nice lately because I’m trying to not eat carbs during the week (ya know, gettin’ back to my fighting weight), but on Fridays I go ham on some pepperoni. It’s what I most look forward to during the week!





Alright, alright, alright. I’ll quit my jibber jabbering and get down to business. Without further ado, our favorite pizza in Pittsburgh:

  2. Luciano’s  I can’t believe there was a time in my life when I hadn’t experienced Buffalo Chicken Pizza! Luciano’s makes the best! And they’ll make you a heart shaped pizza if you ask nicely enough!
  3. Pizza Grande the pepperonis are all like little pools filled with grease that I just want to dive into. Sound gross? It’s not, YOU’RE GROSS.
  4. Italian Village Pizza best, most convenient pizza by the slice.
  5. Two-way pizza tie between LaNova Pizza because they provided the pizza for our wedding after reception after party (we had leftovers for days too!) and Pizza Perfecta because their pizza is, um, perfecta?

If you’re a local and you’re reading this and you’re thinking “hey this b-word left out S___ Bro__” well, I did it on purpose. Broaden your horizons. Also, their service sucks. K BYEEE.

Pizza Tank/TATY, Pizza Float/ (sold out, similar)

*funny, we actually did not go to Rome.

Night At The (Warhol) Museum

I love going to art museums. I especially love going to art museums when they have free admission (bonus points if they serve wine). Every Friday night, throughout the month of January, the Andy Warhol museum (here in Pittsburgh, Andy’s hometown) offers just that!

Unlike the shit show you might meet when visiting most museums on a free night, the layout of the seven story museum does a pretty good job preventing big hoards of people from congregating in front of one piece of art. We’ve been paying tribute to the King of Pop Art for three years in a row now, and we never get tired of seeing his work. As of recently, you are now allowed to take photos inside of the museum, so grab your camera man and have him capture you looking at art. If anyone ever doubts how cultured you are, just whip out those pics!

Dancing at the Warhol 2014
Twinning with Andy 2015




Some of my favorite Warhol quotes:

“Art is what you can get away with”

“One’s company, two’s a crowd, three’s a party”







The floating silver balloons are my second favorite installation. It’s a lot of fun to play with those things, but be gentle or you’ll get yelled at.




Some of the rooms have parachute lined seating areas where you can sit and pose and pretend to look at art.




The skull/Mao room is my number one favorite! When I first visited Pittsburgh in 2011, Joel took me here and we sat in this room for a long time talking about art and making out and stuff.



The museum has a stuffed lion as well as a stuffed Great Dane. Taxidermy FTW. I wish I would have thought to stuff my Great Dane, Samson.




It’s advised to start at the 7th floor and work your way down, which we did last Friday even though I was wearing new shoes and the elevators were out of order. The photo booth in the basement of the museum is the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. AND they have a play area for kids complete with a copy of Where’s Andy, a spinoff of Where’s Waldo that’s fun for people of all ages to play. Also, don’t even get me started on how they have the best gift shop of any museum ever (you can buy your own copy of Where’s Andy)!



Tomorrow night is the last night to visit the Warhol Museum fo free, but if you can’t make it this place is worth the price of admission!


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